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  • Blessings in disguise – Thanksgiving 2011

    It’s officially Thanksgiving Thursday in Australia – I spent my turkey day blood sampling hogs and sheep and for Thanksgiving dinner Ninja, the rest of the research team and I are having chicken and chips from a local shop. Not the classiest but it’s as close as I’m going to get to turkey and stuffing this…

  • Live Export Ships

    Live Export Ships

    You may have read my blog posts about the Live Export Ban in Australia and the conditions that led to its initiation. If you haven’t, you may want to familiarize yourself with the issue. Read this first and this second. Ok – now that you’re caught up. Hubsy and I have had the privilege of being hosted in Perth for the past six…

  • Herds of Hope

    Herds of Hope

    As I’ve mentioned on another blog, I’ve been working as a livestock assistant at the Royal Melbourne Show for the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. Thus far, I’ve scooped a lot of manure and answered the phone. It hasn’t been too strenuous. The breeding cattle show has been going on all week, so we’ve been fielding frantic phone…

  • Wordless Wednesday: Cute Babies

    Wordless Wednesday: Cute Babies

    Spring has sprung in Australia and there are tons of these little boogers running around. How freakin’ adorable are they? At some point in this year, I’ll get back to my regular posting schedule which is more than two posts per month. Until next time, ~ Buzzard ~

  • Wordless Wednesday: Falling in Love with the Australian Outback

    Wordless Wednesday: Falling in Love with the Australian Outback

    The beauty of the Australian outback has become excessively addictive. Until next time, ~ Buzzard ~