Agvocacy Down Under – Sheep, Swine and Poultry

There are way more sheep here than people – 3.5X as many sheep. In June 2008, the sheep population was 80 million while the current population of Australians is 22.5 million people. Australians eat a lot of sheepmeat – there is far more sheepmeat in the supermarket than either pork or chicken. Beef still reigns supreme, at least on the shelves 🙂 Anyway, in my last post I said that Hyatt and I had been to the biggest livestock in Australia, the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. That was the beef edition; this is the sheep, swine, poultry and consumer information edition.
As with beef, there many posters explaining animal care procedures, nutrition information and details about how hard farmers and ranchers work.

I really like this one that explains that chickens aren’t dual purpose – certain breeds are for meat and others for laying eggs.

When we ventured into the swine barn we had a few reactions: 1) there are hardly any hogs here 2)  there are a lot of people here learning about hogs!

This little dude was trying to pet a pig – shame on his father for denying him that
 simple pleasure of life.
Back in the Food Farm building, children were running amuck learning about different aspects of food production. There was a ‘collect your own hen eggs’ station (sorry, no picture), a cooking station where people were making sausage and then there was this fun interactive learning station.
Some kids having fun on the “Livestock Learning Wall”

Is our red meat industry important to all Australians? –> YES!
I would have taken many more pictures of the Food Farm but unfortunately I haven’t yet learned how to pack a camera charger for a roadtrip – so both cameras (yes, I have two and yes, I forgot both chargers) died. So sad.  Didn’t get any pictures of the Opera House either.


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