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Whether it is on the news, our Facebook feeds or labels at the grocery store, agriculture producers are feeling the pressure from a changing dynamic in the perception of our food system. The average shopper is 2.5 generations removed from the farm or ranch but tends to ask PETA or HSUS how food is produced… instead of farmers and ranchers. How do we change that? By being vocal advocates for the industry that we love.

I’m not new to agriculture – I’ve been writing and blogging about agriculture issues, while connecting with grocery shoppers, since 2009. While attending Kansas State University, I wrote a reaction piece to an anti-agriculture article in the K-State Collegian. Not one to be ignored, when the letter was rejected, I connected with industry stakeholders to get the letter posted on Drovers Cattle Network. From there, I launched my blog, Buzzard’s Beat, and have written hundreds of posts defending agriculture and connecting with grocery shoppers across the world (literally).

Speaking at the Animal Agriculture Stakeholder Summit

Fast forward to 2019 and my drive for farmers and ranchers to be heard was again on full display when a letter I wrote to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went viral for its factual, non-inflammatory and respectful remarks on behalf of the cattle producers. This letter, by now viewed and/or heard by millions of Americans, prompted or laid the groundwork for national interviews on MSNBC, FOX News, CBS News and The Weather Channel, Newsy countless podcasts and media interviews, all of which have given me ample opportunity to deflate common anti-ag talking points and engage with grocery shoppers across all demographics.

As many of my past clients and network will attest, I’m authentic and straightforward; not dancing around the tough topics that affect farmers and ranchers today. Growing up around livestock and now managing my family’s herd of cattle, I have experience in production agriculture paired with communications and public relations skills to relate to consumers on a personal level.

For more than a decade, I have been writing and speaking about the rural lifestyle and helping others share their story of agriculture. I’ve spoken to groups across America, and even Australia, ranging from small workshops with 10 people to large lectures of 300+ people. It’s important for rural America to have a voice on critical issues that affect our everyday lives and it’s my honor to speak with audiences about how we can all do our part to better our communities.

I’ve worked with several large brands to create genuine campaigns that engage the target audience and highlight the product in a unique fashion. I pour my personality and passion into my work and pride myself on the quality and authenticity of my work. My regular appearances on major television news networks, podcasts, radio interviews and in print journalism, combined with more than nine years in professional public relations and crisis communications, have given me a unique skillset for public speaking and media training that is sure to benefit audiences across all demographics.

Additionally, my engaged, loyal and enthusiastic social media following on my blog, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter profiles continues to grow, which is sure to be helpful in promoting your event.

Brand Work

Casey’s ⋅ Ariat ⋅  Boehringer Ingelheim ⋅ Bayer Crop Science ⋅ MuckBoots HabiTally ⋅ ZinPro
Orscheln Farm and Home ⋅ Propane Education & Research Council ⋅
Boot Barn ⋅ AgZaga ⋅ The Beef Checkoff ⋅ Natrapel ⋅ Corteva Agriscience ⋅ Farm Journal

Speaking Engagements and Testimonials

“Practical, common sense messaging is what you get with Brandi Buzzard Frobose. Her commitment to the agricultural industry is second to none. Her message is factual, on-point and passionate. Brandi’s engagement in the industry gives her both the perspective of a producer and consumer.” Mary Kane, Executive Secretary, Kansas FFA Association

Speaking about gaining and building trust at the American Farm Bureau Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico – Jan. 2023 – image courtesy American Farm Bureau Federation


Standing Up For the Industry We Love
Trust. A small word with immense meaning. It’s critical to defend our industry while gaining and retaining trust. In this captivating message, I share about seizing the moment to stand up for agriculture by engaging global food companies, the press, policy makers and more, while using trust as a driving force. Through lessons learned, be inspired to use your voice and actions to build and retain trust in order to preserve the industry you love.

Small Talk, Meaningful Conversations
There are many factors that lay the ground work for meaningful conversations – current events, parenting hacks, restaurant choices, etc. And all of that ‘small talk’ is essentially when leads to deeper, more meaningful conversations. Whether the discussion is focused on food, ranching or societal news, audience members will learn how thinking critically and having authentic conversations makes us all better in the long run.

Never Sell Your Saddle
Society tells mothers to BE everything. Give our attention to our kids full time, work to contribute to the household, maintain a home, be fit, get involved in the community and so much more. Often times, too often, women give up their hobbies, dreams and passions for their children. The expectation that we have to immerse ourselves in motherhood and stop taking up space as our own individual women is palpable and weighs heavy. It’s time for that to stop. And it’s time for us to shake off the “mom guilt” that comes with wanting our own time and hobbies and space to chase our dreams. Hear how we can lift each other up, follow our passions and the importance of never selling your saddle. 

Discussing ‘luck’ and advocacy at the NJSA NYLC in March 2019.

Fear-based Marketing: How to Recognize and Rebut It
Food companies spend millions of dollars to develop marketing campaigns in order to persuade shoppers to grab their product and it comes at the expense of shoppers’ consciences. Learn how to identify bogus marketing ploys at the grocery store and how to rebut them with science-based agriculture facts.

Using Social Media to Build Trust with Grocery Shoppers About Farming/Ranching
Social media can be a powerful tool in connecting grocery shoppers to the real stories of how food is produced. Audience members will learn how to identify their target audience, gain insight on creatively using social media platforms, hear advice on responding with passion and patience, and learn how to craft engaging messages and visuals while also enjoying some laughs along the way.

Audience Testimonies:

“Practical, common sense messaging is what you get with Brandi Buzzard Frobose. Her commitment to the agricultural industry is second to none. Her message is factual, on-point and passionate. Brandi’s engagement in the industry gives her both the perspective of a producer and consumer.” Mary Kane, Executive Secretary, Kansas FFA Association

Discussing how agriculture and advocacy have changed over the past 15 years at NCBA Cattlemen’s College 2023 in New Orleans. Image courtesy: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

“Brandi spoke at our Annual Conference as our keynote speaker. She was engaging, personable and knowledgeable. Her presentation was just the right amount of funny, serious, humble and memorable and attendees took away from her talk not only the importance of advocating for agriculture but how to be a good ag-advocate!” Amanda Dackowsky, NY Beef Producers’ Assn

“Brandi has a refreshing and honest personality and is truly passionate about agriculture.  Not only was she open about what her and her family do on their ranch, but she gave wonderful tips and tricks if you want to be an advocate for agriculture.  She was extremely easy to work with and was always timely in her responses to any request I asked of her.  I would highly recommend Brandi to speak at your next event!” Anna Baker, Committee member for Women in Agriculture “The Heart of the Farm” Event

Brandi is one of my most trusted resources for ag and food production. I really value her down-to-earth style of communicating and spirited approach to hot-button issues. I can always rely on her to be on top of important conversations as they happen in real time!” Cara Harbstreet, RD and Owner, Street Smart Nutrition

“Brandi has a progressive vision with traditional values. She delivers entertaining and knowledgeable programs tailored to the topic(s) you choose. Her down to earth personality and real world experience make her a must have at your next event. We hosted Brandi at our Cattlemen’s Annual meeting and to no surprise, she arrived early to help us set up and stayed late to help us clean up! More importantly, the capacity crowd left fully informed on the issues of “Fear-Based Marketing.” You can fully rely on Brandi to deliver factual information in a professional manner.” Justin Goodno, Kansas State Research and Extension Agent, Barber County, Kansas




2024 Speaking Schedule

Montana Farm Bureau Summer Conference – June 11, 2024

Previous Speaking Clients and Events

Huvepharma Ladies Day Out – June 11, 2024
Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference – February 23, 2024
Kansas FFA Celebration – February 17, 2024
Northern Corn and Soy Expo – February 6, 2024
South Dakota Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers – February 3, 2024
Wyoming Women in Ag Symposium – November 9-10, 2023
South Dakota Rural Women in Agriculture Conference – Oct. 20, 2023
Iowa Women in Ag Conference – August 3, 2023
Arkansas Farm Bureau Women’s Conference – July 22, 2023
Livestock Marketing Association World Livestock Auctioneering Championship – June 9, 2023
American National Cattlewomen Region V Meeting – April 21, 2023
Women Managing the Farm Conference – February 16/17, 2023
Cattlemen’s College – Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show – January 31, 2023
Kansas Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference – January 28, 2023
American Farm Bureau Annual Convention – San Juan, Puerto Rico – January 9, 2023
Anderson County Farm Bureau – Sept. 21, 2022
Unbridled Conference – August 27, 2022
Oklahoma Women in Agriculture and Small Business – August 5, 2022 
Dairy Girl Network Enhance Webinar – June 24, 2022
Animal Agriculture Stakeholder Summit – May 11, 2022
American Royal Student Career Leadership – February 25, 2022
Ohio Young Ag Professionals Winter Leadership Conference – January 29, 2022
New York Beef Producers Association – January 21, 2022
National Institute for Animal Agriculture Antibiotic Symposium – One Health. One Voice. – Sept. 22, 2021
SwineIt Swine Talks – October 7, 2021
Ohio Farm Bureau Shelby County – “Growing Women in Agriculture” – Sept. 16-17, 2021
Food/Farm Tour – San Antonio, Texas – Sept. 13-15, 2021
KSU Rodeo Club Keynote Speaker – May 8, 2021
Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit – May 6, 2021
Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference – February 18-19, 2021
High Plains Journal’s Cattle U – Virtual Event -Dodge City, KS  –  Sept. 11, 2020
Farm Credit Knowledge Center – Virtual Event – August 6, 2020
Cultivating Courage Women in Ag Conference – Sharon Spring, KS – May 31, 2020
Women in Agriculture – Heart of the Farm  – Corning, KS – Feb. 22, 2020
Ohio Farm Bureau Young Ag Professional Winter Leadership Conference – Feb. 1, 2020
Linn County KLA Meeting – Nov. 7, 2019
Crawford County Farm Bureau – August 20, 2019
Custer County Animal Quality Assurance Training – May 29, 2019
National Junior Swine Association Leadership Convention – March 28, 2019
Barber County Cattlemen’s Meeting – March 18, 2019
Kansas Veterinary Medicine Meeting – Feb. 27, 2019
K-State Ag Magazine and Advocacy Leadership Classes – Multiple times for past several years

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