About Buzzard

Hey there – I’m Brandi Buzzard Frobose: Kansas cowgirl, mama, rancher, runner and sports fanatic.

All my life I’ve known that production agriculture is where I wanted to be – when I was little I loved roping, helping my dad and grandpa at the feedlots they worked on/managed and working with my cattle and hogs before the fair. Now I’m excited to be pursuing that dream with The Ninja as well as rodeoing and riding horses as much as humanly possible.

Life is not always pretty or clean and you’ll find that the stories I share won’t always be comfortable, ideal or pretty. Such is life on a ranch – I hope you will ask questions if you have them and please know that my “door” is always open for conversation!

I like to talk to people, as evident by my multiple streams of social media. You can contact me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, in addition to good ole email [bbuzzard13@gmail.com] – let’s chat!

For speaking requests and information, visit my “Work With Buzzard” page.

Thanks for visiting!
~ Buzzard ~