Agvocacy Down Under – Beef Edition

Two weekends ago, my hubby and I traveled to Sydney for the Royal Easter Show. To picture this event, think of a state fair in any well populated state. Ohio is pretty comparable as would be California, except the number of show hogs at Sydney was significantly lower than the States.

Although it rained the entire day we were at the Royal Easter Show, we still had a great time. We strolled through the cattle barns, the hog barn (singular) and of course went through the shopping area (although it was nothing compared to the shops at state fairs and stock shows at home. *sigh* I miss western couture).

But perhaps the most enthralling part of the whole day was the “Food Farm” where I saw some full-scale agvocacy efforts – check out these pictures!

I love these – food comes from animals. Fact.

There was a similar board for western, northern and eastern cattle ranchers also. The boards described what cattle producers do each month through the year. There were also facts that explained the importance of crossbreeding and heterosis.

Although this barn was aimed primarily at school-age children, the banners featuring beef producers and their way of life were especially targeted at audience the members who vote and buy groceries. By informing adults of conservation efforts, animal wellbeing standards and the hardships associated with livestock production, the Food Farm coordinators

I’ll post more later about agvocacy in sheep and swine production, fun ways to learn about where food comes from and various pictures from our trip to Sydney! Stay tuned {insert cliffhanger}

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2 responses to “Agvocacy Down Under – Beef Edition”

  1. Love it, it's always nice to see people promoting beef! To know that it's happening all over the world is even more fulfilling.

  2. Hmiller,

    Thanks for reading! You should check out the 5 Nations Beef Alliance – 5 nations all advocating for beef!