Amped Up Advocacy

Amped Up Advocacy is what happens when a passion for agriculture, the gift of storytelling and the desire to help others all collide at Mach 9. If you’ve read my story, you know I’ve been writing and speaking about agriculture for more than 13 years. I’ve built social media platforms from scratch to build an audience of nearly 40,000 people. I’ve spoken to groups across America, and even Australia, ranging from small workshops with 10 people to large keynotes of 250+ people. My words from my blog posts and stories have reached millions of people across the world. I’ve appeared LIVE (whew, those were a little scary honestly) on many national news networks and I’ve been featured on countless podcasts and in articles.

As one of the OGs of agriculture advocacy, I’ve run the gauntlet and filed away the important lessons that have helped me build and retain trust with grocery shoppers. And it’s time for me to help others reach this same level of impact so that we can build positive feelings around agriculture.

Amped Up Advocacy is a suite of resources for advocates, and other online users, who wish to:

  • Create and share effective, resonating stories
  • Connect with audiences
  • Grow social media platforms
  • Level up your impact

Every person has different skill sets and different goals, which is why Amped Up Advocacy offers different resources, across a wide range of skill sets.


  • 30 minute meeting that can take whichever direction you choose. It could be helping you in ideating impactful content for a blog or social media. Or it could be assisting in crafting a public speaking pitch email. It could be helping you tap into your creativity and how to leverage your audience. You dictate the direction of the call – it’s totally personalized for you. Only five (5) available per month.
    Book your session here – I can’t wait to talk with you!



  • Coming soon!

My friend, the fact that you are reading this means you are invested in your future and in agriculture and want nothing but the best for both. I am excited to help you reach that next step, or take the first one, and change the path of agriculture. I am so excited for this – I know that I can use my experiences to help my fellow advocates and it’s time to stop tapping my toes and get moving. Are you with me? I hope so.