What has FroBuzz been up to?

2 weeks — that’s how long we’ve been Mr. and Mrs. (although I am unable to change my name until after we return from AUS, if I decide to at all) and the question of the day is “How is married life?”  Allow me to expound on the  post wedding day happenings:

– We packed up the FroBuzz trailer to depart for SEK, then OH and we’ll finally head to the honeymoon and AUS in about 10 days.
– We go about our daily activities – paying bills, cooking dinner, watching Family Guy – same ole same ole.
– We continue to argue about stupid things – whether or not ‘broach’ is an appropriate word, who has to make the bed (see? I told you they were stupid things)

Are you seeing the pattern yet? NOTHING HAS CHANGED — MARRIED LIFE IS NO DIFFERENT.  Are we sad? Not at all – because we are the same people post wedding as we were pre wedding and that’s who we fell in love with 🙂

The wedding was magical and the party was phenomenal.  Ask anyone who went, they’ll probably tell you they had a blast.  Here are a few pictures of our awesome day.

Oh so formal
The ring got stuck
 Cutting our awesome cake (thanks @t_roon)!
Dancing the night away
and the kiss!

As I said, we leave for Australia (honeymoon on the way) on February 15. I’ll probably be MIA on the blog until we arrive but *hopefully* I can crack out a few posts to release during that time. Don’t hold me to it though.
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~
post script – STILL don’t know the destination of the honeymoon. Just in case you were wondering.