Hello from Down Unda!

We have safely arrived in Australia after a glorious honeymoon in Fiji – it was tough to leave. I mean, seriously who would want to leave this?
We spent a lot of time our first two days grocery shopping.  There is some amazing agvocacy for meat and dairy here. Funny and thought provoking – check it out.
Our first meal in Australia? McDonald’s of course…. Look what I found in the ¼ pounder box!
All good stuff.
If you’re interested in our Australian adventures head on over to From Oz to Aus – that’s where all the funny/satirical stuff will be posted.
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


2 responses to “Hello from Down Unda!”

  1. We really are #agnerds! I took the exact same picture of the McDonald's burger carton thing.

  2. so glad you guys made it safely and had a wonderful honeymoon! SEK won't be the same while your gone! XO