Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changing

Here – listen to this while you read. It will be stuck in your head all day.

I’ve had a few changes in the past week or month or so. I’ve lost count of the time.

First — see that badge over there —>  I’m on Facebook now. If you’ve got a hankering, head on over and g”Like”. If nard feelings. When I hit 200 likes on Facebook I’m having a giveaway! Whoopee!

Secondly, I also added an option in the sidebar to have my blogs emailed directly to you if you’re not into the whole online reader thing. I’m all about options. You’re welcome.

Thirdly, it’s time for a 101 in 1001 update! Didn’t see that coming did ya?

I’ll start with the goals I have accomplished since the last update.

Accomplished Goals

 –Eat a salad – a vegetable one — THIS SUCKED. But I have proof..

At Olive Garden, I had what Melissa calls, “the Cadillac of salads” – well I like Benz’ and this Cadillac was horrible. I thought I was going to yack at the table. My Aussie friends thought it was funny until they realized I was serious.

— Wear heels everyday for 1 week – also quite painful but successful. Made me feel very fancy! Even bought horse feed while wearing a pair! I took a picture but of course have been unable to locate it for proof.

— Coordinate a tailgate for one of the following teams: KSU, KC Royals, Ohio State Buckeyes or the KC Chiefs — Big party during the KSU vs. OSU game. Lots of fun was had – actually, we had ALL the fun!

K-State won – Big XII Champs!

— Organize and go on a mother/daughter day with Diana & Madie  – did this shortly after Christmas. My credit card yelled at me later.

— Pay off my small credit cards – Maurices, Victoria’s Secret – this felt really good.

— Call /visit my grandparents once/month for 12 months- just for the record, I plan to continue talking my grandparents’ ears off any chance I get.

— Become a lifetime member of the K-State Alumni Association — BOOM!

I am far more jacked about it than the Ninja is – this was our joint graduation gift this summer when both defended in June. Success! Two Masters of BS in the house!

— NOT have a baby before I’m 27  – I turn 21+6 in 3 months so it’s safe to say I accomplished this one

— Spend under $10 on a meal & give a $10 tip – on my way back from Tampa I had a hotdog at a fancy bar/grill. It was by far the cheapest thing on the menu and there was college basketball to be watched so I went for it. My waiter’s face lit up when he saw the tip. I’ve been there before (5 years at the Hut) and I know how good it feels to see a big tip. Pass it on waiter man.

— Memorize a verse from the Bible every week for ten weeks – here they are taped up on my bathroom mirror.

— Bake and decorate a birthday cake for a loved one or friend – I did this for a friend this past summer but forgot to take a picture and document it.

— Celebrate our 1 and 2 year wedding anniversaries in a unique way – I told you here about our first anniversary and here about our second. The Ninja is the bomb.

 Goals in progress (there are a lot of these so I didn’t list them all):

— Run 5- 5K’s for Beef or Breast Cancer – 1) Winter Runderland 5K   I can’t find the picture of me running but I wore one of my breast cancer t-shirts. Don’t ever let anyone tell you running a 5K is easy. It sucks. I got out of bed the next morning and fell on the floor. Legs = jello.

That’s me in the pink – didn’t finish last and most importantly didn’t walk once!

— Attend 6 of Kristy’s sporting events/school events/4-H stuff  (3/6)- (Bourbon Co. hog show, Bourbon Co. beef show, Woodson County Beef preview show)

— Visit 5 friends who have moved away — Mandy, Iowa; Kelly’s wedding, Minnesota;

— Learn to do my own taxes – just started getting everything together for this and am actually excited!

— Frame and hang my Bachelor’s and (eventually) Master’s degrees  — I have the frames, I am just waiting on the dang MS to come in the mail!

— Donate 25,000 grains of free rice through (7270) 

So that’s about it! As I said, there are a lot of goals that are in progress so if you’re interested you can see the whole list here.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~ 


6 responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changing”

  1. You've actually done TWO tailgates! Need I remind you that you, MJ, and myself were the life of the party in our lot at the Royals game? I mean, I was rockin' the double-beer-thumbs-up. Small but mighty, that tailgate was.

    We'll be doing that again.

    And we did have all of the fun at the KSU/OSU tailgate. There was no fun left for anyone else because we had all of the fun. All of it. Every. Single. Ounce.

  2. When I wrote that comment, I was thinking of you 😉 and I did forget about the amazing Royals game. My baaaaad – I can't even remember if they won or not????

  3. You were in Minnesota and didn't call me? 😉

  4. Mary – sorry. That was way back in July and it was a one night trip. Was in MN less than 24 hours! But next time, I promise to call!

  5. I'm loving this 101 in 1001! I may have to do something like this as well! What a great motivator and your followers can help hold you accountable 🙂

  6. Hewitt, it really makes me accountable and when they're out there it makes me want to get them done!