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  • Making the Choice

    Making the Choice

    Today I’ve been married to the Yak Judge for five years. A half decade that seems to have flown by more quickly than I ever could have imagined.    And every day for the past five years, I have made a conscious choice: I can either choose to love, respect, work with and conquer the world with…

  • FroBuzz Goes to the Yak Show

    FroBuzz Goes to the Yak Show

    Who else can say they spent their four year anniversary at a yak show?! The National Western Stock Show just wrapped a few days ago – it’s a great experience for anyone who loves livestock, rodeo, fun times and no humidity. Just be sure to bring your chapstick and your party pants. I hadn’t been to…

  • Four Years of Fighting

    Four Years of Fighting

    Thrilled to be on this journey of a lifetime with the Ninja. Photo courtesy: LaBrisa Photography Two [trailer] houses. A totaled car. Burst pipes. Two weddings. Four Ohio State fairs. Two Masters of Science degrees. A shattered crockpot filled with gravy. Zero babies. Most of a PhD in Animal Science. Believe it or not, we have shoved all of those…

  • Wordless Wednesday: A Buzzard and a Ninja – Our Third Anniversary

    Wordless Wednesday: A Buzzard and a Ninja – Our Third Anniversary

    No mush this year – just two photos that describe our relationship perfectly.  He shoved cake all over my neck and face right before this was taken Everything that has made our marriage tough has also made our marriage tougher to break. Bring it on, world.

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changing

    Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changing

    Here – listen to this while you read. It will be stuck in your head all day. I’ve had a few changes in the past week or month or so. I’ve lost count of the time. First — see that badge over there —>  I’m on Facebook now. If you’ve got a hankering, head on…