Vegetarianism is in my blood…

Sort of.

I have a cousin who, a few years ago, decided she wanted to become a vegetarian.  She adopted this lifestyle because she had a some friends who were vegetarian and had given her some information about animal welfare and cruelty. While she did read the information, she didn’t explore all educational resources before making her decision.

She continued this lifestyle for two years before returning to her carnivorous ways. When I asked her why she reintroduced meat to her life she said that she had forgotten why she had given it up.  She also said she didn’t believe the same things anymore, and didn’t see any point in continuing with something she no longer believed.

This is a great example of how sometimes trying something for yourself is more influential than simply reading some pamphlets. If I liked any vegetables besides green beans, corn and potatoes I would try to eat only vegetables for a week.  Maybe I should only eat those three things for a week and see how I feel…..interesting.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~