Bridging the science gap

It’s very hard to translate science based publications and information into easy to read, succinct information for producers and consumers.  I know this because I write scientifically by day and blog using regular English by night.  Two different languages saying the same thing – preserve and protect agriculture.  However, occasionally (yet not often enough) the language barrier is torn down and a breakthrough is discovered.

Glynn Tonser, agriculture economist at Kansas State University, has recently produced and uploaded to YouTube several videos about the economic impact of animal welfare opinions on agriculture.   Below is an example of “Impacts of Animal Welfare Media Attention on Meat Demand.”

These videos are all fairly short (8-10 minutes) and are easy to comprehend.  If you have ever been curious about the economics of animal welfare, this is a great opportunity to learn. You can access the rest of the videos by visiting YouTube and searching for ‘Glynn Tonser’ or visit and clicking on “Livestock and Meat Marketing.”

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