A Glimpse into the House of FroBuzz

So I’ve been promising a post about the FroBuzz trailer for quite some time — that time is now. 

***Disclaimer*** — the trailer has been painted since these pictures were taken so it looks much nicer.

 Having a little BBQ at the FroBuzz casa
Our lovely yard decoration — the only thing we put up for Christmas.
Our neighbors are really nice but they have some character flaws — these were their yard decorations at Christmas.
I don’t have any pictures of the inside of the FroBuzz trailer, but it’s about the size of an office cubicle so you can use your imagination!
Planning for the FroBuzz wedding is in full force — 10 more days!
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~
p.s. — Look for an exciting new blog update in the next couple weeks – I think you’re gonna like it!


One response to “A Glimpse into the House of FroBuzz”

  1. the trailer is looking great! 😉 can't wait for the Fro Buzz wedding! 🙂