Marshmallows = Meat

I was perusing Yahoo! the other day and came across this article, “10 Foods that Vegans Can’t Eat” and my interest sharpened.  I knew that vegans can’t eat meat, dairy or fish but did you know that things like red food coloring, which is derived from certain insects, is also on the no-no list?  I didn’t — I have pasted the highlights of the article in this post or you can click on the link and read its entirety for yourself.

1. Meat – duh.
2. Fish and shellfish – duh, again.
3. Dairy products – because they’re made with milk which comes from cows.
4. Eggs — eggs are produced by chickens, which are animals, and are therefore taboo.

Here is where it gets interestiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

5. Honey — comes from bees and insects count as animals… I guess.
6. White sugar — didn’t know this but according to PETA some sugar is processed using bone char.  Bone char is used to give sugar it’s white color. Guess ya learn something every day.
7. Most BEER! – due to the fact that most beers are filtered using gelatin from fish bladders, egg whites or seashells.
8. Some breads – because they may contain milk or eggs.
9. Marshmallows – no s’mores for the vegan community, bummer. Why? Because marshmallows contain gelatin made from some parts of animals like skin or bones.  Fun fact? Most junk food is vegan even though it is extremely unhealthy.
10. Mayonnaise and other salad dressings – they contain egg yolks.

I imagine it would be very tedious work to shop for a vegan and probably very expensive. Good think the husby and I are carnivorous!

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3 responses to “Marshmallows = Meat”

  1. That's crazy, I had no idea marshmallows and beer were off limits for vegans. Just another reason why I can't understand why anyone would attempt to live that way!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work to go through to avoid good and balanced nutrition. Great post!

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    i am sure the animals that are mistreated and raised for slaughter would disagree with your comments, easy to balance nutrition without including beer and marshmallows though i know they are important foods on the pyramid