Leaky Mouth Syndrome – Educate Yourself First

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Props to Natalie Morales of The Today Show who told Suzanne Somers that she didn’t have ‘doctors as experts’ to back up Somers’ claim of antibiotics in meat causing ‘leaky gut syndrome, lupus and MS’. Morales also pointed out that there is very little scientific proof backing up Somers’ claims. Morales is 100% correct and Somers’ should educate herself before she tries to educate the American public.

I won’t repost the video here but if you click the link you can view it for yourself. Antibiotics in animal agriculture are constantly misunderstood and unrightfully get a bad rap. These are the FACTS about antibiotics in animal agriculture:

 – Veterinarians are involved in decisions regarding when to administer antibiotics.
 – Antibiotics have a withdrawal period that, depending on the antibiotic, can range from 20-60 days. The antibiotic is not administered within the 20-40 days prior to slaughter; this means that the antibiotic has been out of the animals system and in no way affects the consumer.  Meat and food products are tested for residues and if found the meat is removed from the food supply chain.
 – The FDA approves antibiotics only if they meet the following criteria:
    – The antibiotic is safe for the animal and environment
    – Edible products produced from the treated animal is safe for consumers
    – FDA ‘Guidance 152’ specifically addresses human health concerns due to antibiotic resistance from use in food animals.

Farmers and ranchers care about the food produced from their animals because it’s the food they feed their families. They wouldn’t do anything to their animals that could potentially harm the food supply. Now that you know the facts, you can share them with your friends, families, readers and colleagues.

Suzanne Somers needs to consult real doctors and read up on her literature and scientific sources before writing her next ‘best’-seller.

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post script — decided to include video. It’s appalling but everyone needs to see it in order to realize the level of intelligence that is influencing the nation’s food decisions.


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  1. Somers is as well-known for her medical quackery as for the ditzy blonde she played on Three's Company (was it great acting or…?). Google her and you'll find a number of medical blogs denouncing her views on cancer treatment. The more "wacktivists" like Suzanne spout their insanity and draw ridicule from the scientific and medical community the better off we are. Go Suzanne!