Nebraska’s Got What it Takes

I’m generally not a huge Nebraska fan – I’m usually one of the loud, obnoxious KSU fans yelling ‘KEEP THE RED OUT!’  But not today. Today, I’m a Cornhusker fan, because the Governor of Nebraska is making it very clear that HSUS is not welcome to enter the northern state.

This past weekend, at the Nebraska Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference, Governor Heineman asserted that if HSUS attempts anything, they’re (HSUS) going “to have to fight for your life.” Heineman also went on to state that HSUS will not find a single elected state official to back a ballot initiative and the largest cities in the state (Omaha and Lincoln) will be looking to farmers and ranchers for leadership.  I’d bet that the producers of the state will be more than willing to accept that challenge.

The 1.8 million people of Nebraska should be very proud of their state leadership and theirselves. If HSUS does attempt ballot initiatives they’ll have quite the fight ahead of them.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~