HSUS = False Angels

Remember Michael Vick?  The Falcons quarterback who was convicted of facilitating and participating in dog fighting in 2008?  HSUS stepped in and “helped” take care of the dogs and find homes right?


A December 28, 2009 article in Sports Illustrated on the Vick dog case stated:

 “The Humane Society of the U.S., agreeing with PETA, took the position that Michael Vick’s pit bulls, like all dogs saved from fight rings, were beyond rehabilitation and that trying to save them was a misappropriation of time and money. “The cruelty they’ve suffered is such that they can’t lead what anyone who loves dogs would consider a normal life,” says PETA spokesman Dan Shannon. “We feel it’s better that they have their suffering ended once and for all.”

It was actually the Best Friends organization that saved Vick’s dogs and found homes for them.  If HSUS had it their way, all dogs seized from dog fighting operations should be euthanized since they “fail to pass behavioral evaluations.”  Ridiculous.

The point here is that HSUS puts up a false front by portraying themselves as an organization that operates animal shelters.  This too, is a falsehood.  Your local animal shelter is not associated with the HSUS.  If you want to help your local humane society, Google it in your community and volunteer to be a foster “parent” to a sheltered animal.  But, by all means please don’t donate to the HSUS.  Tell your friends about how they can help too.  In Manhattan, you can contact the Riley County Humane Society by visiting their site

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