Damn it feels good to be a Wildcat!

I’m very proud of my alma mater and our sports teams – through thick and thin, good and bad; I bleed purple.  But tonight is an especially wondeful night to be a KSU alumna – we just knocked off #1 ranked Texas 71-69.  We haven’t beat a #1 ranked team since 1994 (Kansas) – damn it feels good to be a Wildcat!

Frank Martin will probably make the whole team run sprints and shoot free throws for the entire practice tomorrow, it doesn’t matter because tonight all Wildcats can hold their heads up high!  And even though Luis Colon is the clumsiest player I’ve ever seen and Denis Clemente only scored 5 points, thanks to the “the greatest fans in the world” (quote from Frank Martin) KSU pulled through in the Octagon of Doom (Bramlage Coliseum) for a big W.

So K-State fans, raise your glasses and be proud, be purple, Go State!

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One response to “Damn it feels good to be a Wildcat!”

  1. The best sign I saw all night during watching the game was, "Celebrate Frank Martin Luther King Jr. Day!" ha ha cracked me up…maybe not very PC, but funny! EMAW!!!