PETA is Happy Detroit Went Bankrupt

peta is offering detroit $100K
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Why? Because it gives the animal rights organization the opportunity to get some good press. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk offered to give $100,000 to the city of Detroit, which filed for bankruptcy recently, if the city will offer vegan only meals in government buildings.

No lie.

Furthermore, Newkirk offered to purchase ad space on government vehicles like firetrucks and police cars to keep those public works funded. Obviously, this is great opportunity for PETA to get some face time and I’m guessing the organization is more interested in publicity than helping out the city of Detroit. Read here for the full story but you get the idea.

I think I’d rather be broke than in cahoots with PETA. Stay strong, Detroit. Like a rock.

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2 responses to “PETA is Happy Detroit Went Bankrupt”

  1. Brandi,
    Do you think PETA actually has the funds to give to Detroit or any other city of that size? This goes to show the deeper motives behind this organization in that it wants to eliminate the consumption of meat altogether.

    It is frustrating to see this group can't do more for a greater cause like financially supporting Detroit rather than pursuing personal agendas.

  2. I absolutely think they have that much in their budget – I"m sure they can't do that often but $100K to a money machine like them? No problem.