Is Horse Meat Healthy? Is It Better For Me Than Beef?

I think a lot of people ask these question but have a hard time finding the answers:

  • Is horse meat healthy compared to beef?
  • Does horse meat have a lot of protein?
  • Is horse meat low in fat?

While I was looking for infographics about beef today on Pinterest, I found some really cool stuff about horse meat and wanted to share. The following infographics (links provided) provide information about calories, protein and fat content of horse meat, among other variables.

Horse Meat - Good Or Bad?

Infographic by EasyFit Personal Training

The above infographic does a great side by side comparison of beef and horse meat, although I am quite partial to beef — there’s nothing like it. On the other hand, I’ve never tried horse. I’m sure it’s a very lean meat and would like to try it some day.

The following infographic is more biased against beef, simply because it’s higher in calories and fat than horse meat. I happen to like intramuscular fat aka marbling A LOT.

So, would you eat it based on the information you’ve just learned? Both infographics provide varying viewpoints but I think the information they provide is very valuable.
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5 responses to “Is Horse Meat Healthy? Is It Better For Me Than Beef?”

  1. A friend of mine has eaten horse meat. I didn't ask in what context, like was it raised for meat, or just a canner. He said it was delicious. If he had a choice, he would choose horse over beef. If I didn't know what it was, I would try it. I wouldn't want to eat it knowing what I was eating before hand. I am sure I would get grossed out a little. And then my mind would be made up. NO! 🙂

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I would like to eat it but not know so my mind didn't automatically have any bias against it. I've heard it is very good and would eat it after finding out what it was since I've heard its a lot leaner and higher in protein.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Would like to try it when it becomes available.

  4. I think I would have a difficult time eating but still want to try it. Unfortunately, I'll have to travel abroad to try it considering more and more roadblocks keep going up to keep horse slaughter from happening.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    From what i undersatndm a cult following in france does eat horse meat, according to what i have read online and have heard the tarvels of on Tony Bourdain. Mr. Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern, though I have never seen an episode where he sampled horse meat, he did in Japan sample pure horse fat, like lardo, found on the mane of the horse where it is pure fat. According to Zimmern, the texture and unctuous mouth feel is comparable to italian based lardo. who would have thought? Being an adventurous eater myself, I would love to @ least for once try horsey meat!