WTF meaning of course, Where’s the Funding?

The geniuses behind HumaneWatch have launched a new ad campaign in Union Station in Washington D.C. aimed at calling out the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for donating a mere 1% of their budget to animal shelters.

Read that again.

HSUS donates a mere 1% of their $130 million budget to animal shelters.

You can see all the signs here but my favorite is posted below:

Humane Watch ad calling out HSUS for only donating 1% of funds to animal shelters
Kitty isn’t impressed with HSUS

It sure would be great to see this ad campaign featured in other prominent locales – Chicago, L.A, Seattle, Dallas etc. If you scroll to the comments in the article, you can see that the ad is working. People are visiting and discovering the truth about HSUS and their shady ways of business.

The times, they are a-changin’.

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5 responses to “WTF HSUS?”

  1. HA HA HA HA! Love the poster! I have always wondered what the 'peta" people and vegans feed their cats and dogs? Meat? Grass?

  2. CDH – I agree. It's funny to see people want to give their animals meat dog food (Blue Diamond, Blue Buffalo etc) but it's not ok to eat meat themselves? I will never understand.

  3. I love the work that Humane Watch does! Thanks for sharing their new ad – very clever and funny!

  4. Anonymous Avatar
    Anonymous is a sleazy lobbiest representing industries that profit from animal abuse such as puppy mills and factory farms. The mission of "Humnewatch" is to engage in a smear campaign against HSUS because the anti-abuse policies that HSUS supports hurt industry profits. Don't fall for Humanewatch propaganda! HSUS is an animal welfare orgranization that supports legislation that benefits animals. Running shelters is not their mission.

  5. HSUS uses false advertising to get money from people who want to help puppies and kittens and uses it to denigrate animal agriculture and food production. HumaneWatch, to my knowledge, does not lobby and if you have proof otherwise, I'd love to see it. The lobbyist group is HSUS and they embody the word 'sleazy'.