(Semi)Wordless Wednesday

So these first four photos are from last Tuesday, July 2….
baby watermelon

mildly overgrown tomatoes

baby cantaloupe

And these photos are from this morning after a gracious overnight watering by the big man upstairs

That’s the same cantaloupe as 8 days ago!

And the same watermelon!

Same tomato plant almost doubled!

These are 11 of the 16 cucumbers we picked in one week. I’m exhausting my recipe book for cucumber things that the Ninja will eat!
Yay for home grown stuff that I won’t eat – it sure makes me feel more domesticated!
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


5 responses to “(Semi)Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Look at those beautiful………FINGERNAILS??? This is not the same girl that used to almost take her fingers off eating her nails?!?! j/k Your garden looks great!! And I love your commentary.

  2. Jennifer – I had to stop. It was just too gross to be doing that as an adult!

    Thanks for garden comments – I'm shocked I've been able to get it to look this good!

  3. That is crazy to see how much the watermelon and cantaloupe grew in just a little over a week! And make homemade pickles with your cucumbers – I love making and eating homemade pickles!

  4. Val – how long do refrigerator pickles last? I don't have a canner or water bath but I have a recipe for refrigerator pickles but have no idea how long they would be good if they were left unopened in the fridge.

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