You CAN Eat Horsemeat!

Been wanting to try the delicacy that those in France, China, Germany and many other countries have available in most fine dining establishments?

Well, now you can. Monsu, an Italian restaurant in Philly, PA, will be offering horsemeat as a menu item in the coming months. Chef Peter McAndrews says he plans to serve horse meat on smaller plates or in pasta.

Not surprisingly, the chef and the restaurant have received a lot of ridicule and even some threats to their safety and lives. One person even said, “If you serve it, we’re gonna blow the place up.”

Wow. That’s a little excessive. Harming people?

Here are some more links to horse meat articles about the Philly restaurant and one in particular about Obama’s new budget not containing funding for horse slaughter. Disappointed?

What do you think about the prospect of horse meat being served? Appetizing or ghastly?

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8 responses to “You CAN Eat Horsemeat!”

  1. Thanks for keeping us up on the issue with links and comments. It ties in with several topics–humane treatment, unwanted horses, money. I ate horse meat once in Japan–OK, but I haven't had any cravings for it since. My recent blog about it evokes the spirit of Mr. Ed for a "from the horse's mouth" view–

  2. Dan – my pleasure! I hope that people will realize the value of horse slaughter. I love horses and rodeo and will continue to ride my whole life and as a horse owner I recognize the need for this service.

    I also understand that the US is a small percentage of the world population on our needs and wants don't need to dictate that of the rest of the world!

    Thanks for reading!

    Your post is so informative and helpful! All the links and timeline right there in organized form – thanks so much for the link. I'm sure I'll be referencing it often!

  3. I researched this issue a little bit when I was at K-State for one of Dr. Rozell's assignments. Apparently personal threats to people wanting to serve horse meat is regular practice for animal rights activists.

    That's the part of this that puzzles me, is the possibility of eating horse a reason to harm another human being? I think not.

  4. I agree Robin. It seems pretty asinine to me that people go to those lengths.

    CAST has a great link to a timeline of things that have happened regarding horse slaughter – it's in the comment above mine from Dan Gogerty.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Thanks for posting. I recently sent Kansas State a note telling them they need to include more of this on their BQA – Equine Management.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Thank you for posting this! I love horses and have been around them my entire life, and I'm pro-slaughter! I'll never understand why so many people are willing to go to extremes to fight against using horses as a source of meat when there are thousands of unwanted horses out there starving to death. Not to mention the thousands of starving HUMANS who would be grateful for the additional food source. Getting off my soap box now. 🙂

  7. Had a wee chat about this on a FB page. I have loved horses my entire life and I don't have a problem with eating horse (I never have, but if given the opportunity I would). To me a horse is no more sentient than a cow, sheep or pig, and as Anonymous above said, there are thousands of horses out there, mistreated and starving. I would rather they were slaughtered than suffering.

  8. Anonymous 1 – I used to help manage those programs and at some point your comment may have run across my desk. Thank you for your input!

    Anonymous 2 – Soap box ok with me. We in America are pickier about our food choices because we have full bellies and we only spend 10% of our income on food!

    Micha – I agree. It's better to humanely slaughter them than allow them to suffer or starve when unwanted. I passed up on the opportunity to try horse when I was in Europe in 2009 but if I ever have another chance, I will definitely take advantage of it!

    Thank you all for reading!