Heineman Speaks Out

I’m becoming a pretty big fan of Nebraska – not their football program but of their Governor, Dave Heineman, and his devotion to the preservation of the Cornhusker state’s agriculture industry.

At the Governor’s Ag Conference on Wednesday, Heineman discussed the need for ‘common sense legislation from the Environmental Protection Agency” and again expressed his motivation to combat any action that the Humane Society of the United States may take in Nebraska. “The simple truth is that this is an organization that is anti-agriculture and they’re out to destroy the number one industry in the state. We are going to fight them we are going to defeat them,” said Heineman. I like this man. To see a video clip of the conference click here.

Other topics at the Ag Conference included international food demands and alternative fuel production.
Side note: I am thrilled to report that earlier this week the House of Representatives voted to block funding for EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations in 2011. Yippee!

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