Extremists in Iowa

Unfortunately, this picture is true of most activist videographers

Iowa Representative, Annette Sweeney, has recently submitted to the Iowa House of Representative H.F. 431 which will help “agriculture defend against  activists who gain illicit employment on farms and in processing facilities in order to obtain undercover videos”, according to Animal Agriculture Alliance.

Videos that are released by activists are often misleading and contain footage that has been edited for shock value.  Additionally, footage is often delayed from release until such time that the activists can create a big splash. This usually occurs around holidays where meat demand is most likely to decrease if negative marketing were to occur (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas). Activists that participate in animal abuse should be held accountable for their actions – standing by and videoing so that footage can be released does not excuse the immoral act of animal cruelty. Farmers don’t condone animal cruelty and it should be stopped immediately on the rare occasions that it does occur.

Animal Ag Alliance is encouraging other states’ agriculture stakeholders to thoroughly explore options for introducing similar legislation to their government representatives. You can read H.F. 431 in its entirety here.
Hopefully, this legislation will pass in Iowa and serve as an example to other states that misleading footage that negatively affects agriculture and farmers can be prevented.

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~ Buzzard ~