Buzzards fly, they don’t ski!

I’m going skiing over New Year’s Eve with the Ninja’s fam.  I’m petrified.  Buzzards don’t ski, they fly — eeek! Although I have all the needed equipment – ski pants, heavy coat, stocking cap, wool socks, gloves – I’m afraid I will be a bit lacking in the coordination required.  I have tons of balance (I was a cheerleader after all) but am not so much a winter sports fanatic.

Also, the rest of the Ninja’s family is extremely adept at skiing.  All the kids learned when they were about six or under – meaning I’m at a lower skill level than the twelve year old (love you Hunter).  Anyways, just wanted to request some prayers – think of me December 29-January 2.  I will more than likely be tumbling down a mountain most of the time and will probably come back covered in bruises. 

I love the holidays 🙂

Until next time,