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  • Skiing adventures in Utah

    Skiing adventures in Utah

    So before I left for Utah to go skiing with Hyatt’s family I asked for prayers. Someone must have answered my request because I didn’t break any bones!  We skiied for three days and it was awesome! Day 1 – Brighton Ski Resort The first day we went to Brighton ski resort.  I refused to…

  • Buzzards fly, they don’t ski!

    Buzzards fly, they don’t ski!

    I’m going skiing over New Year’s Eve with the Ninja’s fam.  I’m petrified.  Buzzards don’t ski, they fly — eeek! Although I have all the needed equipment – ski pants, heavy coat, stocking cap, wool socks, gloves – I’m afraid I will be a bit lacking in the coordination required.  I have tons of balance (I…