Skiing adventures in Utah

So before I left for Utah to go skiing with Hyatt’s family I asked for prayers. Someone must have answered my request because I didn’t break any bones!  We skiied for three days and it was awesome!

Day 1 – Brighton Ski Resort
The first day we went to Brighton ski resort.  I refused to take skiing lessons – so I started off on the bunny slope (fairly successful) – after three runs down that, my instructor extraordinaire *the Ninja* decided I could handle something more. I was pretty stoked to be there at this point

On the bunny slope

  After getting off a much higher lift, I proceeded to fall down repeatedly (no less than 10x) on a very steep blue.  I got so frustrated I took off my skis and tried to walk down the mountain (that’s not as easy as it sounds).  I eventually got over my frustrations and struggled down to the base. It was finally lunchtime and I was thankful for a chance to warm up and take a break from falling down.  The afternoon was much more fun as I fell down a lot less and completed several green runs.

Day 2 – Snowbasin

Me, Hannah, Hallie, Hunter and Vicki at the top of Snowbasin

On the second day we had originally planned to go to Alta, the highest resort, but due to a late start and bad traffic we trekked to Snowbasin.  Snowbasin was really pretty too.  They didn’t have as many easy courses so I had to step up my game and do some blues.  I got ticked at my teacher (Ninja, again) because he was overly confident in my skills and I had to go down a race slope (very icy, very steep).  But the girls and I ended up having a pretty great day.

Day 3 – Alta

We finally did end up going to Alta on the last day.  It was amazing! It was absolutely gorgeous!  They had tons of green and blue runs at the top!  By this time I felt confident enough to do a black diamond with moguls!  I was successful and only fell about 8 or 9 times the whole day (much better than the 30 on the first day alone!)  Here is the most entertaining fall
Yes, that is my skipole upsided down.
Also at Alta, the Frobose family (diehard Ohio State fans) wrote the script Ohio in some really deep snow! Check it out — you could see it from the lift!
One other really amazing thing happened on that last day on the mountain.  The Ninja proposed! He told me to take the blue path down and meet him at the script Ohio (above) and he would go down a black diamond and then meet me.  When I got there, this was written in the snow
and this was in his pocket!
He was so sweet!  I’m very blessed!  Thanks to everyone for all the congrats!
All in all, the ski trip was a huge success!  I’m only a little bit sore four days later!
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2 responses to “Skiing adventures in Utah”

  1. Congrats on getting engaged! That was very creative of him. 🙂

  2. That's the best story ever! And even though you know my feels towards Ohio, that is awesome what they did in the snow!