Temple Grandin – HBO Biopic

Temple Grandin has been changing the livestock production industry for the past 25+ years. She has basically written the book on handling facilities and reducing the amount of stress animals undergo in the harvesting phase of production. One of the most highly functional autistic people in the world, she overcame her disorder to write numerous scientific papers and books about safe handling practices, give insight to parents with autistic children and start her own consulting business. Among her most popular titles are Thinking in Pictures, Animals in Translation and Emergence: Labeled Autistic. She is currently an Animal Science professor at Colorado State University and is highly decorated for her work and progress in the industry. She is the founder of Grandin Livestock Handling Systems and, to date, she has designed over 1/3 of the livestock handling facilities in the world.

To honor Dr. Grandin’s conquer of autistic obstacles and her numerous industry accomplishments HBO has announced a February 2010 release of the breakthrough biopic Temple Grandin – Thinking in Pictures. Dr. Grandin will be played by Claire Danes (The Family Stone, Shopgirl, Romeo + Juliet) whose spot on depiction of Dr. Grandin’s autism has been described by Grandin’s assistant as “so convincing, it sent shivers down my spine.” The film will highlight Grandin’s life through the 60’s and 70’s – from her expulsion from high school to the establishment of Grandin Livestock Handling Systems.

I have yet to see a trailer for the movie but it is safe to say that this is a must-see for anyone in the animal agriculture industry. The movie highlights the life and achievements of one of the pioneers for animal welfare and activism. The above picture is Claire Danes in costume with the 400 lb. mechanical calf used in the film.

For more information on the movie or Dr. Grandin’s biography you can visit theses sites.
Dr. Grandin’s interview about her upcoming biopic: http://beefmagazine.com/cowcalfweekly/1031-temple-grandin-hbo-biopic/

Dr. Grandin’s autobiography: http://www.notablebiographies.com/newsmakers2/2006-Ei-La/Grandin-Temple.html

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  1. Outstanding blog, Brandi – it's great getting all the info about Temple Grandin, someone I truly admire.

  2. Thanks Aunt Cheryl!

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