Buzzard’s Blessings

With Thanksgiving in just two days I thought it would be appropriate to list things for which I’m thankful. I think sometimes in between our whining about classes, rent, high price of groceries and the horrible offense of our Cats on Saturday… that we forget to be thankful for the fact that we have the privilege of being an educated American with a roof over our head and that we can afford to eat whatever we want and watch football games at our whim.

I’m thankful for…..

— my parents
— my right to pursue a degree(s) at Kansas State University
— the fact that my pants are too tight because that means I’m not starving
— my soft bed
— a wonderful brother and sister
— God’s love
— freedom of speech
— my dislike of vegetables; it means there are more to go around for the rest of the crowd
— my rodeo background
— not being pampered and spoiled as a child- it’s made me the tough, independent woman I am today
— my roommates (past and present) who have always been there for me
— my crappy phone – because I can communicate with the ones I love
— the Ninja
— my new desk, I can now study and research in comfort
— my super awesome co-workers in waters 120, 117 and 119
— my grandma’s noisy house at family gatherings; indicative of a large group of people that I love and who support me
— the 4 ft. high stack of dirty clothes by my dresser — I will never be cold and without a shirt
— how tired I am after a day at work and school — it feels good to have accomplished something
— the tears I shed when a trip to see good friends who’ve moved away ends; it means friendships don’t dissipate when several hundred miles become a part of the picture
— my friends and future family in Ohio; I rarely get to see them but I love that they’re there 🙂

Life in general is pretty damn good

There are many many more things I could list but I don’t feel like writing a novel so I’ll leave it at these.

Happy Thanksgiving to all — be safe.

Until next time,


2 responses to “Buzzard’s Blessings”

  1. Hmmm….it seems as thought you forgot to mention your super awesome coworkers in waters hall….interesting…. 😉 have a good break!!