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    WTF meaning of course, Where’s the Funding? The geniuses behind HumaneWatch have launched a new ad campaign in Union Station in Washington D.C. aimed at calling out the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for donating a mere 1% of their budget to animal shelters. Read that again. HSUS donates a mere 1% of their $130 million budget…

  • HSUS Donates Goose Eggs

    HSUS Donates Goose Eggs

    That means a big fat zero. In this infogram from HumaneWatch, you can see the breakdown of where the whopping 0.24% that HSUS spends on local animal shelters actually ends up. (In case you didn’t pick up on it, the word whopping was dripping with sarcasm). In 2011, HSUS spent 0.24% of of its total…

  • We Don’t Want No Drama – No No Drama

    We Don’t Want No Drama – No No Drama

    I’m so tired of this election biz. I’m ready for the unwanted campaign phone calls to stop. I’m ready to stop killing trees when I throw away the mail inserts that I never read. C’mon people – over $2 billion was spent on the presidential campaign this year and we have 46 million people on…