HSUS Donates Goose Eggs

That means a big fat zero.

In this infogram from HumaneWatch, you can see the breakdown of where the whopping 0.24% that HSUS spends on local animal shelters actually ends up. (In case you didn’t pick up on it, the word whopping was dripping with sarcasm). In 2011, HSUS spent 0.24% of of its total budget as grants to support pet sheltering. Kansas, and many other states, saw a big goose egg of that money.

If you want to help shelters, donate to your local animal shelter! You’ll help a lot more animals with your hard-earned cash than with HSUS’ fraudulently solicited 0.24%.

Infogram from HumaneWatch.org
Did your state get anything?  This sort of thing doesn’t surprise me anymore…..
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7 responses to “HSUS Donates Goose Eggs”

  1. Wow, I knew this was bad, but I didn't know it was THIS bad. So sad.

  2. Ridiculous. This chart should be everywhere, maybe then people would start getting the message. Isn't there "buy local" movement going on? Maybe "donate local" should be added to that.

    In other thoughts, I wonder what types of animal shelters this money is being donated too?

  3. Well, I know that Peta is really proud that they build dog houses for rescued pets so maybe HSUS donates their .24% to be used in ways like that? I don't know for sure but yes it is ridiculous.

  4. Wow. I wonder if we hadn't had the Prop B (dog kennel proposition) thing here in Missouri if we wouldn't have even gotten that 0.0012%? Pathetic.

  5. I never thought of that! It would make a lot of sense for them to send money to the states where they have initiatives in progress rather than states like Kansas where they know they'd be run down like the dirty scoundrel they are!

  6. I found this chart to be extremely shocking, even for the HSUS. I believe that we need more charts like these to circulate on the internet so that people are able to learn the true motives of the HSUS. I'm new to the blogging community and started mine to share my story in agriculture and I will definitely be using "donate local" in mine. If this phrase could catch on in the agriculture industry local shelters will be able to get the donations that the people believe these local shelters are getting from the HSUS.

  7. Escaping – I agree. This word needs to spread like wildfire. I'd like to find a survey to see if the efforts of the ag community are helping