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  • HSUS Contributions Declining

    HSUS Contributions Declining

      Rooster and Cricket have a good home and are spoiled rotten – but lots of other pets aren’t as fortunate. If you want to help puppies and kittens, please donate to your local shelter! Yep, you read that right. The genius’ over at HumaneWatch were combing through tax records and financial statements for our…



    WTF meaning of course, Where’s the Funding? The geniuses behind HumaneWatch have launched a new ad campaign in Union Station in Washington D.C. aimed at calling out the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for donating a mere 1% of their budget to animal shelters. Read that again. HSUS donates a mere 1% of their $130 million budget…

  • We Don’t Want No Drama – No No Drama

    We Don’t Want No Drama – No No Drama

    I’m so tired of this election biz. I’m ready for the unwanted campaign phone calls to stop. I’m ready to stop killing trees when I throw away the mail inserts that I never read. C’mon people – over $2 billion was spent on the presidential campaign this year and we have 46 million people on…