HSUS Contributions Declining

Rooster and Cricket have a good home and are spoiled rotten – but lots of other pets aren’t as fortunate.
If you want to help puppies and kittens, please donate to your local shelter!
Yep, you read that right.

The genius’ over at HumaneWatch were combing through tax records and financial statements for our favorite animal rights organization, the Humane Society of the United States (H$U$). What they found is a little bittersweet. So let’s do the sweet part first:

– In 2013, contributions to H$U$ totaled $104.5 million – that’s not the sweet part. The sweet part is that in 2012, that number was a lot higher. In fact, contributions were $16.6 million less in 2013 in 2012. Win!!!

– The bitter part is that bequests, or people leaving the organization money in their will, increased by $8.6 million. So that sort of knocks the whole overall number down a bit but still:

H$U$ experienced a decline in income by $8 million in one year!

I hope this means that folks are seeing the light, doing their research and realizing that they can help puppies and kittens more by donating to their local shelter, rather than sending money to a lobbyist organization.

“I hear those H$U$ folks don’t donate very many bones to local shelters.
Donate to your local shelter today!”

Unfortunately, to no one’s surprise, H$U$ is still only donating 1% of it’s budget to local groups to help dogs and cats that needs homes. But again, no surprise there. If you or your family want to help save pets, please donate your time or dollars to your local shelter. Share this message on your social media outlets – please continue to spread the word that H$U$ is a lobbyist organization, not a rescue organization.

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2 responses to “HSUS Contributions Declining”

  1. Thanks for spreading the word. Hard to believe so many people are still duped into donating to this scam. BTW, I haven't posted since November. Need to work on that!

    1. New year, new blogging goals 🙂

      And you're right, my frustration remains regarding their income.