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  • While I'm Away

    While I'm Away

    Enjoy a picture of my picturesque surroundings… Evergreen, CO is GORGEOUS place to get married! Until next time, ~ Buzzard ~

  • Why My Husband is NOT My Best Friend

    Why My Husband is NOT My Best Friend

    This is why we can’t be friends. Disclaimer: Before you read on, please keep in mind that my husband, marriage, friends, family, circumstances and life are all different than yours.  Also, I’ve been married 3.5 years – those of you who have been married 5, 10 ,15 years or more will probably have a different…

  • The Next 101 in 1001

    The Next 101 in 1001

    So, earlier this week we examined my inability to do simple math calculations like figuring out the end date for 1001 days. Today, I start the next chapter and get to work on my next 101 in 101. This list will be permanently hosted by the 101 in 1001 tab but I wanted to share…

  • Avoid Eye Contact

    Avoid Eye Contact

    This past weekend I got to check and feed cattle with my dad. In the rain. and mud. with no raincoat. on a horse that has two speeds: fast and flying. and it was downright glorious. prior to blazing across the pasture The silent man and his introverted daughter; talking only when necessary and communicating mostly…

  • Meeting Fellow Birdies

    Meeting Fellow Birdies

    Also known as tweeps. It’s no secret I’m addicted to Twitter (@brandibuzzard) – I recently said it in an interview with Cattle Network. Through my addiction, I’ve had the opportunity to ‘meet’ a lot of great people in the “twitter-verse” but haven’t actually met many in real life. I am excited to say that I…