The Next 101 in 1001

So, earlier this week we examined my inability to do simple math calculations like figuring out the end date for 1001 days. Today, I start the next chapter and get to work on my next 101 in 101. This list will be permanently hosted by the 101 in 1001 tab but I wanted to share it here first. Give it a read – what do you think?

Start date: January 30, 2014
End date: October 26, 2016

Healthy Living
Complete 30-day shred
Workout 3x/week for 3 months
Workout 3x/week for 6 months
Run 10 – 5Ks

101 in 1001
Ten more 10Ks – no problem, right?

Run 3 – half marathons (yes, you read that correctly)
Go to the damn dentist
Get Lasik surgery
Give up soda for a month

Spiritual Growth/Paying it Forward and Marriage (because, clearly, these go hand-in-hand)
Tithe 10% of every paycheck for 6 months
Read the Bible from front to back (Old and New Testament) – Sharita showed me this great guide
Attend church regularly for a year (2x per month is regular for us since we’re gone so much)
Pray out loud
Pray for strangers
Give until it hurts
Give a homeless person all the cash in my pocket (*note to self: start carrying cash)
Pay for next person’s meal
Donate hair to Locks of Love
Read a marriage strengthening book with the Ninja
Finish our engagement, wedding and honeymoon scrapbook
Volunteer in my community 5 times
Donate to the foodbank

Learning New Skills and Trying New Things
Learn the basic of fitting a steer
Learn to change the oil in my truck
Take piano lessons
Teach myself one nice hair up-do for weddings and special occasions
Try 5 new foods
Take an online history course

Nurturing Relationships
Visit 5 [more] friends who don’t live in Kansas
Engage in 3 father/daughter activities
Plan 3 mother/daughter things
Attend 5 more of little sister’s events
Go out on 10 girl’s nights
Go to a concert with little brother
Plan a tailgate
Host a dinner party
Write 20 thank you notes (handwritten)
Friendship photoshoot – rock the dress, KSU pride
Send Christmas cards at least one year

Domestication and DYI
Try one new recipe per week for 8 weeks
Complete two separate full-day sessions of cooking to fill the freezer
Make a perfect omelet (not a scromlet)
Make homemade bread without a bread maker
Learn basic sewing machine skills
Make a set of curtains using the sewing machine
Make some decorative pillows
Refurbish a dresser (or two)
Learn to make Grandma Buzzard’s divinity candy, chicken n’ noodles and other select recipes
Make and freeze/store my own salsa and red sauce
Plant a garden every year (if location permits)
Create a really cool DYI/craft project from scratch
Make/create 3 Christmas/birthday gifts
Make a cheesecake and an angel food cake from scratch

Financial Improvement
Save 10% of every paycheck for 6 months
Triple the amount of $$ in my 401(k)
Have zero credit card debt
Cut my student loan debt in 1/2
Take the Dave Ramsey finance course with the Ninja
Create a family budget and stick to it – evaluate and adjust after 3 months
Once every six months (for entirety of the 1001 days), complete a no-shopping month

Organized and Decorated Home
Frame and hang B.S. and M.S. degrees (as soon as my M.S. diploma arrives…)
The next time we move, organize and purge unneeded items
Organize and clean office so that it’s functional for two people
Buy and hang wedding photos and select Kansas photography for the walls
Hang either a photo collage or cross collage on one of the walls

Go whitewater rafting
Go rock climbing, hiking etc
Travel internationally
Go camping
Visit 5 states I’ve never been to before
Take a yearly family vacation
Meet someone famous
Go to an amusement park
Go pheasant hunting

Motivatated Thinking, Career and Writing/Blogging/Social Media
Write six chapters for my book
Have an article or blog post picked up by Huffington Post or similar outlet
Get a RT from someone famous – Peta doesn’t count (been there, done that)
Make a ‘Recipes’ section on the blog and post 50 recipes
Blog at least once per week for an entire year
Fill a journal

Thanks for the nifty journal, Target. Oh, and of course what’s a journal without a purple K-State pen?

Meet 5 social media friends IRL
Get 1,000 likes on Buzzard’s Beat Facebook page
Speak on behalf of agriculture 3x
Get Twitter verified

I want that little checkmark

Stuff Just For Me
Read one book per month – revise and update book list to reflect what I’ve read
Add 10 more books to our library (an actual printed copy)
Buy myself a designer handbag
Create a coffee-table book out of my travel photos
Go to another K-State football bowl game
Check off some more concerts on my old soul music bucket list
Attend the KSU basketball game when they retire Jacob Pullen’s jersey
Write myself a letter to open in 5 years
Go vegetarian for two weeks – blog about the exhaustion
Buy a barrel saddle
Finish Friday on the barrels – exhibition and enter at a rodeo

Friday, the soon-to-be barrel horse

Start another young horse on barrels
Get inked
Buy a new [to me] Chevy
Eat mind-blowing steak at 3 premier steakhouses
Beat the Ninja at Scrabble 3 times (this will be a miracle)
Go to an away KSU or Chiefs football game, or away KSU b-ball game or away KSU baseball game
Make a new list when this one expires

Do we have any common goals? Am I crazy?
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


14 responses to “The Next 101 in 1001”

  1. I need to do this! I am the worst about motivating myself to do things. Maybe the fear of public humiliation of completing zero tasks will keep me moving! A lot of the goals on your list are things that I would like to accomplish. Quite a few of your side notes made me snort with laughter. What is a scromlet?

    1. Sarah – when I was in high school our FFA chapter did a community breakfast and advertised that we'd make custom omelets. Turns out, neither myself or my other friend who were cooking were very good at omelets so we made scrambled eggs with all their junk it them and the scromlet was born!

      And yes, the public humiliation part is a factor in the motivation 😉 If you end up doing one, let me know and I'll add a link!

  2. Angela Kumlin Avatar
    Angela Kumlin

    Not crazy! Common goals – attending church regularly (1-2 x per month to the same church), visiting friends outside the province.

    1. Angela, unfortunately the church one is so hard. I need to commit to attending more regularly, hence the goal! Thanks for reading!

  3. You make me laugh out loud! Go to the damn dentist? I am assuming you're not on the 6 month pattern that I am! 🙂

    Great list though — it inspired me! I think I am going to make a 25 before 25 (I have 4 months) and make it a bit more simple so I can really accomplish things!

    See you in a few days in Nashville! Can't wait to catch up — let's plan a time to sit down and really chat!

    1. Jamie – yes! We must sit down and chat at Nashville – putting that on my to-do list 🙂

      I have dental insurance but every time I call to make an appt they want all my info and want to spend 30 minutes talking about paperwork. I want to make an appt with the office that can get me in the quickest. It's a patience test…..

  4. We definitely have some similar goals! I think they're all great. I'd love to hear more about your barrel horse! I grew up running barrels, but when I retired my gelding I transitioned to the APHA breed show circuit showing primarily HUS and Showmanship. One day I hope to find a paint barrel horse prospect and get back into that! Good luck!

    1. Well she's not quite a barrel horse yet. I've worked her on the pattern a few times, ready for it to dry up so I can start hauling her into town to pattern some more. Good look finding your new project and with showing!

  5. This is an awesome post. As was your marriage one, by the way. And I've never heard of this 101 in 1001, but I guess that's what I'll be writing tonight…thanks for doing most of the math for me for deadline….I'm trusting you!!

    1. Valerie – I used a website to determine the end date. Mental math is not my forte! Glad you liked the posts and thanks for stopping by – see you in a few short days!

  6. Good list, when mine ends…whenever that is. I might be "borrowing" a few from you. Interested in this book you are writing?!

    1. Help yourself to my goals, lol. The book will be similar to as well as other 'marriage-advice' type thoughts that are bopping around in my head. Since I don't plan to have but 6 chapters done 3 years from now, it's obviously not at the top of my priority list nor do I have enough marriage experience to write a full book. So maybe at the decade mark, I'll finish it, lol!

  7. Just realizing how far behind I am at my blog reading right now! My original 101 in 1001 list ran out a while back as well – and this is encouraging me to start up my new list! It's amazing how much a person's goals and wants can change in 1001 days I think – and I think it will be much easier the second time with knowing what kind of goals are "doable" and what kind aren't!

    I love your list, and I may have to steal a few of your ideas!

    1. I completely agree J! Something may seem doable or credible but then a few months later, it can be changed completely!

      Thanks for reading and feel free to steal the goals 🙂