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  • Wordless Wednesday: Doggie Antics

     Oh look, more videos of our dogs 🙂 Rooster was extremely excited that our beloved Wildcats beat the chickenhawks on Monday night! Little dog + deep snow = adorable   Until next time, ~ Buzzard ~  

  • Always a Little Late

    Always a Little Late

    I don’t have a great picture for this post, so here’s the newest addition to our family! Often, I arrive just in time for something – which in my mind means I’m late because I’d like to be everywhere 10 minutes early. So it doesn’t surprise me that I’m posting my my ‘Best of Thirteen’…

  • Why I Rarely, If Ever, Defriend People on Facebook

    Why I Rarely, If Ever, Defriend People on Facebook

    The number of ‘friends’ I have on Facebook is no longer border-line ridiculous. It’s full-on crazy. I crossed that line many moons ago when people whom I’ve never met started requesting to be my friend because they read one of my columns in an ag mag somewhere. Seriously, who in their right mind has ~2,200 ‘friends’…

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    The past few days have been very relaxing and my photo stream explains why. These have all been on my Instagram account recently (@brandibuzzard) but if you don’t follow me on there (why not?) here’s what you missed.     ‘ Party in your mouth cookies! Checking pastures and feeding cattle with my favorite cowboy.…

  • My Old Soul Music Bucket List

    My Old Soul Music Bucket List

    If you’ve been a long-time reader on Buzzard’s Beat this post will make perfect sense and not surprise you in the least. My love of witty, meaningful lyrics, mellow harmonies and true musical talent (not T-Swift or Luke Bryan) comes up in blog posts a lot. I constantly tell my friends and family I was…