Looking Sharp in His Square Toes!

About a month or so ago, Rachel from Boot Barn approached me about reviewing some boots and then giving away a pair on my blog. I am super pumped to have such a great product to promote for my first giveaway! I thought that since I had finished my Master’s that I would be able to celebrate by giving away a pair of boots – woot! Ninja received a pair of Cody James boots and I reviewed a pair of the Shyanne (post next week) and we both love them! They’re so comfortable and look really great with jeans and khakis. This post is the Ninja’s review – read on to find out how they measured up and how you can enter to win!

I’ve always been the kind of guy who, when forced to dress up, is most comfortable in a tweed
jacket and khakis with a pair of brown boots. However, as I get older I am starting to realize I may need to branch out in the fashion world. My wife Brandi seems to think that colors beyond the Dwight inspired earth tones and mustard would be a good start, and she tells me I look particularly good in black. Having only brown boots is an issue when attempting to address this fashion situation, so when Boot Barn offered Brandi and I each a pair of boots, I jumped at the chance I could finally have some black boots as well. I picked a nice pair of Cody James Stockman square-toed boots and they just came in the mail last week, so I thought I would try them out for a few days.

Although I needed Brandi’s approving glance to know that they looked the part, I definitely liked
the white stitching, square heel, and simple pattern of the boots. After wearing them for a few days, I was surprised to find how comfortable they were and they didn’t take as long to ‘break in’ as other boots I’ve purchased in the past. I am particularly glad that while they still had the look of having a traditional leather sole, it seemed like there was more cushion in my step than in some other boots I’ve worn. All in all, I call these black boots a success, but now I just need to get a black belt and some other clothes to match them!

Thank you very much Boot Barn for your support!

Here’s how to enter

1. Follow Buzzard’s Beat and leave a comment including which pair of Cody James or Shyanne boots you’d choose if you won
2. Like Boot Barn on Facebook and leave a separate comment 
3. Follow Boot Barn on Twitter (@bootbarn) and leave a separate comment
4. Follow me on Twitter (@brandibuzzard) and leave a separate comment
5. Blog or tweet about the giveaway and leave a separate comment. (Make sure to include @brandibuzzard and @bootbarn in the tweet)!

You’ll be able to do the same thing next week when I share my thoughts on the Shyanne boots! That’s a total of up to ten entries! The winner will be chosen using a random number generator from www.mathgoodies.com

Good luck!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


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  1. Ah, yes… the fashion challenges of the men we love… Looking good! You are making progress!

  2. ..and I liked Boot Barn on Facebook.

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  4. …and finally… I tweeted! My morning is now complete! Hah!

  5. I'm following your blog! I love the Shyanne Women's Daisy Mae Western Boots; I'd definitely have to pick that pair!

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  14. Tweeted you all… WHEW. That was a lot of work.

    PS: I hope your random number generator or whatever you use to pick the winner picks me. I haven't gotten new books in literally 5 years. Hope, hope, hope!

  15. Wow! Good work Brandi! I finally stepped OUT of my comfort box and signed up with Twitter and this blogging world! I'm pretty intimidated, but excited! I have read many of your posts, just never tried it on my own! Let's see how this goes….

    PS – I like the Shyanne Daisy Mae boots as well 🙂

  16. I liked Boot Barn on Facebook 🙂

  17. Everyone loves as sharp dressed man! Looking good in those square toes!

    I would love the butterfly inlay boots! Fancy! I need a pair to wear to work when I'm in office and not tromping around outside in the muck!

    I already follow your blog!

  18. I followed Boot Barn on Twitter 🙂

    (after I created the account)

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  20. Lana – glad you are getting into the social media world! It's great and addicting!

    Sharita- if you win, I'll do my best to personally deliver the boots although you may have to wait until October when swamp season is over in Georgia 🙂

  21. Boom! I follow your blog!

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  23. I follow you – and I love the inlay boots or the daisy mae boots.

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