People Other People Don’t Think About

Farmers and Ranchers

Megan H., a Michigan middle school student, was faced with the task of writing a letter to a group of people that don’t receive much attention from the rest of society.  Megan, bless her little heart, chose the Michigan Farm Bureau.

Have a look at Megan’s simple but extremely heartfelt words. Not driven by corporate schemes, profit margins or an animal rights agenda, her thoughts were that of a thankful consumer who truly appreciates the daily triumphs and tribulations of American farmers.

(I have copied Megan’s letter exactly as she wrote it).

Dear farmers,

               Thank you for everything, that you do. It must be hard to wake up each morning and work in fields, or taking care of animals. You must be tired after a whole day of working and you work mostly for food for US! Thank you again for all of your hard work. Without your hard work the world would not be the same. Our class is writing to people who we think that other people don’t think about. I choose to write to the Michigan Farm Bureau.


Megan H.

To hear the narrated version of Megan’s letter to Michigan Farm Bureau, click here.
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4 responses to “People Other People Don’t Think About”

  1. It sure is nice to get a from-the-heart thank you once in awhile. Thanks for Sharing Brandi!


  2. Mark,

    Thanks for reading! I agree, I'm sure that the farmers in Michigan greatly appreciate Megan's kind words.

  3. Awe adorable! Children seem to say things so much easier then us sometimes!


  4. Hannah

    So true – and they also don't allow their expressions, words or ideas to be clouded with interrupting agendas.