Backyard Chickens Round 2 – Welcome Home Winnie(s)

As you may have seen on my Instagram feed earlier this week (@brandibuzzard), we have some new guests at the Frobuzz ranch. I would like to introduce the Winnies!

taking care of our new backyard pullets

You may remember last year I attempted backyard chickens with some Barred Rock chicks, which I affectionately called the Stellas. Unfortunately, they met an untimely fate with some sort of rodent or weasel. So after mourning 10 innocent lives, I vowed to do better this year and keep them protected.

Instead of Barred Rock chicks, I bought basic pullets this year and thus far, things are going well. They are locked and barricaded in the coop with their heat lamp, clean food and fresh water.

taking care of our new backyard pullets
Red waterer (because chickens are attracted to red) and a
Frisbee for a feed pan because Rooster chewed up the other one

No way in hell that anything is getting into that impenetrable coop.

Our chicken coop which I hope is impenetrable
Two hay bales, some tin and cinder blocks. No way there are any varmints getting in this thing!

They’ve been on the farm for five days and are DOING AWESOME.

Taking care of our backyard pullets on our little farm
Sleepy little Winnies

As with last year, I will document their growth and how I care for and feed them. The goal is to get eggs for our household and occasionally have a fryer if we hatch out some of the eggs.

Wish us luck – I’m hoping and praying (literally) for success and livelihood for the Winnies!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~

p.s. The winners for the Sierra Shea giveaway have been picked! Congrats Katelyn V and Jessie W!


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