False Alarm for Horse Slaughter

horses grazing in a pasture in Kansas
Horses of the Frobuzz ranch

Horse slaughter was to resume this week. “Was” being the keyword.

Last Friday, a U.S. District Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit and subsequent injunction against three plants that are itching to open their doors to America’s horses that are past their prime. The Humane Society of the US, Front Range Equine Rescue and a handful of other animal rights extremists filed the case on the basis that “the government did not adequately study the issue of horse slaughter before granting permits to two companies.”

The three plants that would have started slaughter this week are Valley Meats in New Mexico, Rains Natural Meats in Missouri and Responsible Transportation in Iowa. The meat from these plants can be shipped to Europe and Asia, which are big horse meat consuming countries. Reinstating horse slaughter in the U.S. prevents horses from being trucked across U.S. borders to Canada and Mexico.

However, since HSUS is a bunch of jerkwads, another injunction has been filed in appeals court and has to be reviewed. I’ve got money on this one being thrown out as well. Give up, folks. Common sense will prevail eventually.

More info on the horse slaughter front is available here, here, here, and here.

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6 responses to “False Alarm for Horse Slaughter”

  1. I don't know if I read your tweet wrong, but I thought this was going to be an article advocating horse slaughter, which shocked the hell out of me haha. Glad to see that isn't the case!

  2. Colby – I am an advocate for horse slaughter. You can click on those links I provided in the post, you can see I've been an advocate for awhile. Thanks for reading!

  3. May I ask why you aren't one?

  4. Oh! I shouldn't comment on things when running low on sleep haha. And I don't have really any logical reasoning against it. I'm really not against it, I suppose. I just don't like the thought of eating my horse! Haha. We're too close

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    I don't eat my pets…horses are my pets…I'm not a rancher, I'm a horse owner – I love them, I care for them, I am in the majority based on poles – the economics involved per your arguments are nothing compared to the economics involved with horse ownership – geez louise – just look at all the catalogs that come every month! Slaughter is just a way for the irresponsible over breeder to have free disposal system.

  6. I am a horse owner, horses are my pets and I'm a horse lover. I also provide better care for my horses than I do myself. But I"m not going to let an old horse who is past their prime or in poor health (by no fault of mine) rot in the pasture if I can humanely end his life and the meat can be exported to other countries to feed people who appreciate that kind of meat. You should not assume that every person who is in favor of horse slaughter is heartless, irresponsible, stupid and not involved in the horse industry. The bottom has fallen out of the horse market because there is no outlet for unwanted horses. Yes, there are irresponsible breeders but there are irresponsible dog, cat, fish owners as well. I see no on criticizing them for putting their pets down. Furthermore, Americans need to cease this embarrassing habit of thinking that if we don't eat it or like it, then no one else should either. It's asinine and the the world laughs at us for our pride and stupidity.