Working Farmer Style!

and do the horse dance while you hum that song in your head.

They are at it again! The Peterson Farm Brothers, who became wildly famous overnight for their parody I’m Farming and I Grow It have recently released their new song Farmer Style, a play on the popular hit Gangnam Style.

Check it out – K-State is very proud to claim these boys. They are wonderful agriculture representatives and have helped put farm life on the front page.

I think my favorite part is the “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, for my cattle.” I’ll have that stuck in my head all day!

What do you think of the video – do you like it better than Farming and I Grow It? What song do you think they should do next? This parody already has 107,000 views on YouTube!

You can check out the Peterson Farm Brothers and their videos on their YouTube page and you can follow Greg on Twitter (@gregpeterson33).

Until next time,

~ Buzzard ~