Winter is nearing

and even though the temperatures have cooled down significantly from the 100+ days during the summer there is a key element of fall/winter missing….


The last time it rained in Manhattan, KS was about a month ago. Normally in the eastern part of Kansas, it rains quite often in the fall. We’ve seen nary a drop for several weeks and the forecast doesn’t look good. We also haven’t seen any snow or sleet, which would both be welcome at this time.

You may be asking why I am pointing out this obvious dilemma but for some it may not be so clear. Even though it’s not hot, winter wheat still needs moisture so that cattle can graze during this mild weather. Livestock still need to drink during cold months. For those who aren’t part of agriculture, let me assure you that water is an essential need on every single agricultural operation. And the longer we go without rain/sleet/snow, the longer producers carry the stress of the drought on their shoulders.

So when you say your prayers at night, please send up an extra two or three for moisture for our ag producers.

Or you could do a rain dance. If you need help coming up with moves, this guy might be able to help.

Until next time,

~ Buzzard ~