I Cried and Bleed Purple

You might remember this post about me crying regarding some other big K-State news. I was not ashamed then and I am not ashamed now, although I find it odd that the few times I cry are centered around K-State.

As my beloved Wildcats fell to Baylor (good game, Bears) I sat in disbelief in Bobby T’s and fought back tears. I kept hoping that we would come out at halftime and start a drive that would get the momentum going. Halfway through the 3rd quarter, I was still optimistic. But as the minutes crept away it became painfully obvious that we would not be 11-0 and remain #1. I made it to the parking lot and lost it.

I had rooms booked in Miami for a National Championship game – I was one of those cocky fans who said we would win-out, no problem. I should have had the mantra of Bill and Collin – one game at a time. As crappy and brokenhearted as I feel, I am sure Coach and Optimus Klein feel worse. To have a perfect regular season so close and then see it slip away is heart wrenching. I’ve felt the pain of a watching a championship slip through my fingers in one measly day, and I can assure you it is something that burns and lingers. Coach Bill is the epitome of class. He is humble and quiet. He doesn’t yearn for accolades for himself and he doesn’t degrade the opponents whom we slaughter (ahem, WVU). He took the entirety of blame for the loss to Baylor saying “I didn’t have them prepared well enough and didn’t have them prepared for Baylor’s atmosphere.” The man is a living legend and most deserving of the Coach of the Year award.

K-State will likely still go to a BCS bowl. Especially if we beat Texas on December 1 and are 11-1; then we’ll be Phoenix bound for the Fiesta Bowl, which is nothing to sniff at, by the way. Our record is still better than about 95% of teams. I honestly didn’t think that we would do this well – I had hoped, obviously but this season has been unreal. I’ll tell my kids about this season; entertain them with tales of the heroics of Collin Klein and genius of Bill Snyder. I won’t blame the loss on the cover of Sports Illustrated – we made too many mistakes and Baylor made fewer. That’s the way it goes in the world of sports – whoever scores the most points wins (I hope someone gets that reference).

I should have posted much earlier in the season about how proud I am of our football team and of K-State in general. I’ll do better during basketball season – our Cats deserve it. Speaking of the basketball team, I am head over heels for D.J. Johnson #50. He’s easily the most passionate dude on the court, always hustling and working for position and I’d love to see him start and get some more playing time.

Fighting, ever fighting for a Wildcat victory….

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~

p.s. If Bill Snyder retires this year, I may collapse from heart break and suffering. Too much emotion for one season, please don’t leave us, Coach. We love you.

p.p.s. I am overwhelmingly sick of a select few Ohio State fans (not all of them, just a few) poking fun at my Wildcats because we lost. Last I checked, K-State will be playing football in January and Ohio State will be done next week (beat Michigan)!

p.p.p.s. Some KU fans have been insufferable too.