So God Made a Farmer

Surely ya’ll remember Paul Harvey? He was a well-known radio broadcaster with a very distinguishable voice who was famous for his tagline, “The Rest of the Story.”

In 1978, he was apparently a guest speaker at the 1978 National FFA Convention and he gave a speech called, ‘So God Made a Farmer’. A family friend emailed me this video that has set pictures to the words of that speech. It’s quite inspiring and makes me proud of my family’s agriculture heritage and Hyatt’s family’s production background.

I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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4 responses to “So God Made a Farmer”

  1. Good one! Heard this one before, and it's always good to hear again. Sharing on my FB page.

  2. I had never heard it before but I'm glad I found it!

  3. On the 8th day, God made a Farmer. Someone who would plow straight and deep and never cut corners and would need tools that don't either. Ram Trucks are the kind of tools farmers need. Check out their new commercial "Farmer" and help them raise money for National FFA Organization:

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