MFA – Report Animal Cruelty ASAP not ASACP

ASACP meaning – as soon as conveniently possible.

Yet another animal cruelty video has been released by Mercy For Animals (MFA). Again, I am outraged at the treatment of the pigs in this video and there is absolutely no excuse for this type of treatment. I feel the need to draw attention to some key points that need to be made.

1 – This is NOT how all farm animals are treated. Unfortunately, one bad apple provides a horrible example for the rest of the industry. Videographers don’t focus on well run farms – they prey on farms such as the one featured in the video.
2 – Farmers and ranchers have a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their animals. Producing a safe, healthy product in a humane fashion with low-stress practices is the number one priority.
3 – I find it extrememly frustrating that this footage has been sitting around for at least three weeks before being released this week. How do I know this? A ‘Note’ that was posted on Facebook about three weeks ago clued me in that something was going to be released soon (the note has since been taken down and I will not reveal it’s source/author).

If videographers find animal cruelty – they should report it immediately. Not when it is convenient to their timeline or fundraising efforts. How many animals continued to be abused between the time the footage was collected and the day the video was released? The animal cruelty is abominable but standing by and doing nothing, and allowing that type of treatment to continue is just as abominable.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Again – I in no way condone animal cruelty and I am appalled at the images in the video, however, I feel that the videographers, undercover or not, should have reported the cruelty much more quickly than seen in this case.

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2 responses to “MFA – Report Animal Cruelty ASAP not ASACP”

  1. I agree, Brandi. There are no excuses for animal cruelty. People don't understand that not all animals are mistreated. In fact the majority of farmers/ranchers treat their animals well. I grew up on a farm and we have always treated our animals well.
    Great blog! I was just in Australia this past winter. Loved it! Check out my blog at

  2. Teresa

    Thanks for reading and commenting! It's very frustrating to see some producers giving the rest of the bunch a bad name. I really like your blog and I'm going to try that recipe for chocolate cupcakes 🙂