On my other blog, I posted about the Queen Victoria Market and how cool it is to buy all of our produce fresh. It’s also a chance to get some good bargains – Hyatt and I have become first rate hagglers with the fruit vendors.

Look at all this great stuff we got a few days ago!

 – 1 HUGE butternut squash
 – 1 very large parsnip
 – 2 red peppers
 – 1/2 kilo of mushrooms
 – a whole bag of roasting potatoes
 – 1 medium pineapple
 – 1 kilo of pears
 – a punnett of GIGANTIC strawberries — Look at the size of these things!

That is a normal sized sticky note. And that strawberry has since been demolished.
All of that great fresh produce cost us less that $14! It was a steal.
Are there fresh markets near your home? What’s your favorite vendor with which to haggle?
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~