Doing Chores….. in a wedding dress!?!?

This post is prompted the fact that the FroBuzz wedding is exactly two months away – cripes.  This morning I was sitting in my future in-laws kitchen thinking about wedding plans and remembering what other friends had done at their weddings.  All of a sudden I remember waiting for my good friend Bailey to arrive at her reception for what I thought was a lengthy amount of time.  Wanna know why the guests had to wait for the bride and groom to make their long awaited appearance?  They had left the wedding and gone straight home so they could feed their cattle and horses….. while still wearing their dress and tux!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of this event however, just imagine a bride and groom walking around in the mud feeding cattle and horses while their wedding reception and guests anxiously await them.  That’s dedication and a pretty damn good example of how farmers and ranchers NEVER take a day off – not even on their wedding day. This week, please take time to thank a farmer for providing us with a safe and abundant food supply.

Until next time,