Falsehoods Can Cause Loss of Credibility

Remember those “Real Milk/Cheese comes from Happy Cows” commercials from California?  They were memorable, funny and made consumers pay attention.  Here is a funny one about ‘French’ bulls:

At the time, I thought they were a great idea.  Have you wondered why you haven’t seen them around lately?  Maybe it’s because they made consumers think that all dairy cows are raised on huge, green grassy pastures (which is the case in some dairy’s but not all).  Bernard Rollin, University Distinguished Professor and  professor of philosophy, biomedical sciences and animal sciences at Colorado State University (and very, very cool guy), gives his opinion on the commercials: “recall the California “happy cows on pasture” ads. Being caught in falsehoods is a sure way to lose credibility.”

It looks like California dairy farmers paid attention to Bernie’s well educated opinion.  If you go to the Real California Milk website this is what their homepage looks like:

I think this is an exceptional change to their marketing scheme, especially with the hullabaloo about ‘factory’ vs. family farming.  It allows non-producers to know the facts immediately upon arrival at the site. 

They also have improved their commerical advertising and this is an example of a current California dairy farmer YouTube video:

Congrats to California on a successful transition to a new and improved marketing plan that is sure to give non-producers a real example of the California dairy industry.

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2 responses to “Falsehoods Can Cause Loss of Credibility”

  1. Excellent insight and I absolutely agree. Here is another site that I am working with a group of California farmers on including many dairy farmers: http://www.knowacaliforniafarmer.com/
    Katie from North Dakota

  2. Thanks for the comment and the link Katie — come back to Buzzards Beat for more ag insight!