Girls just wanna have fun!

Yep, I bet you’re singing that song right now.  I thought I’d mix it up a little bit and put some fun material on here for once.  Last week was my 1st grad school seminar (if you wanna know what that is, email me) and I had to give this amazing presentation on a day that should have been exciting, my birthday. However, I made the best of the situation and after 3 weeks of prep I presented to my department.  Immediately afterwards, I issued a sigh of relief and got ready to party! I believe that you’re never too old for a birthday party (even when you’re 21+3) so Dalton Henry and I had our third annual co-birthday bash (that’s us pictured above).  Below are some pics from our ‘Best Thing to Come Out of the 80’s” party.  Not everyone dressed up but those of us that did went all out and had a blast!
The 80’s girl posse
Mandy, Kelly, Jackie, Me, Mikki and Christina
The best friend I could ever ask for! 
Emily, Martha and Melissa

When the work and play is done oh girls! Girls just wanna have fu-uu-un!

Until next time,